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About us

About us

Established in 2001, KAISON is a Chinese-based company and now has transformed from a biochemical manufacturer into a diversified leader in chemical, food, feed and mining. Our first production start with gluconates with portfolio of Gluconic Acid, Glucono Delta Lactone and Sodium Gluconate  to be used in food, construction, textile & dying,  , detergent & cleaning and electroplating. 
In 2006, KAISON acquired two magnesite mines in Dandong and brought Magnesium business into the company and has been mining and manufacturing high grade magnesium oxide products for use in Agriculture, animal, heath, industrial and pharmaceutical processes.
In 2008, KAISON is engaged in the production of Sulfamic  Acid and Magnesium Sulfate at the facility of affiliated company of Guangcheng Chemical Co.,Ltd. We are the first company that have the REACH registration as a non-EU manufacturer. This further strengthens and solidifies the presence of KAISON in EUROPE.
In 2018, KAISON take a new green ingredient L-Alaine on board with production capacity of 10,000MTPY.
KAISON are dedicated to bringing GREEN solutions to our products. Our technology, application development expertise and state of art production facilities enable us to provide environmental-friendly additives to our customers worldwide and meet their expectation. We help customers add extra measure of value that makes their products stand out in the market place.
At KAISON we are very concerned about Social, Healthy & environmental responsibility― meeting, exceeding or even pioneering industry and societal standards. All our products are ISO 9001: 2000 & Kosher Certified.   People are our most valuable assets. Their performance takes an important role in our consecutive business growth.
KAISON is a dynamic and innovative company and we continue to research, develop and diversify the product portfolio and application to catch up with the market.