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Magnesium Hydroxide Natural

Product description
Chemical Name Magnesium Hydroxide NATURAL
Molecular Formula   Mg (OH) 2   
Molecular Weight 58.3
CAS Number 1309-48-4
EINECS number 215-170-3
E Number E528
Magnesium Hydroxide appears in off white powder made from natural brucite ores with excellent performance on flame retardancy and smoke abatement. It’s non-halogenated with good heat stability, decomposition temperature at 330 °C especially suitable for resin processing. It is a non-toxicity and low corrosion product. Magnesium hydroxide is an excellent flame retardant for use in rubber, chemicals, building materials, plastics (polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, EPDM rubber) and electronic, unsaturated polyester and paint, coatings and other polymer materials ,especially for mining duct coated fabric, PVC the whole core conveyor belt, fire-retardant blankets, tarpaulins, PVC wire and cable materials, mining cable sheath, cable accessories flame, smoke and anti-static, can replace the aluminum hydroxide with excellent flame-retardant performance.
Appearance   white powder
Mg(OH)2, % 90.0 Min
MgO, % 60Min
SiO2, % 5.0 Max
CaO, % 4.0Max
Fe2O3,% 0.5 Max
Al2O3,%  0.4 Max
Whiteness,%  90Min
L.O.I, % 40Max
Particle Size 95% passing 325mesh(40micron)
25Kg                PP bags
1000kg/1250kg          super sacks
Magnesium Hydroxide is available in various types subject to content of Mg(OH)2. 
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