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Product description
Product L-Alanine
Molecular Formula C3H7NO2
CAS Number 56-41-7
EINECS Number 200-273-8

Technical Specification

Appearance White ,odorless crystalline powder
Identification Positive
Purity, % 98.5-101.5
Loss on drying, % 0.20max
PH Specific optical rotation,[a]D20 5.5-7.0 +13.7°~+15.1°
Residue on ignition,% 0.5max
Heavy metals, ug/g 10 max
Sulfate, % 0.02 max
Chloride, % Iron,ppm Arsenic,ppm 0.05max 10max 1ppm
Lead,ppm 0.5max
Chromatographic purity Meet USP requirement
Microbiology Control  
Total plate count,cfu/g 1000max
Yeast &molds,cfu/g 100max
Coliforms,cfu/g 10max
Escherichia coli/25g Negative
Salmonella/25g Negative
Packing In 25kg Kraft paper bags In 25kg cardboard drums
Storage Store in a cool & dry place away from strong light and heat


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